Who We Are

ABUOILGAS FZC was founded in 2010 by two brothers, Abdulrahman Mohamed Abu CHAIRMAN And Saleh Mohamed Abu CEO, Their father is well known in the somali community as their father was the first person to work within the Petroleum Engineering field, he was given the nickname 'The Father Of Somali Petroleum', CHAIRMAN . Abdulrahman currently lives in the UAE and SOMALIA and CEO Saleh lives UAE

About Us

ABUOILGAS fzc is a private owned trading company. The company was established in early 2010, this making it one of the Professional and most experienced operators in the petroleum industry.

ABUOILGAS FZC is actively engaged in exporting a wide range of Crude Oil Petroleum Products and Petro-Chemicals. Catering to a number of industrial applications, our products are widely sought after in bulk quantity. We have high standards facilities for the storage as well as shipping of these products. In addition to this, we also ensure our products are safely delivered to the particular destination within the committed timeframe.

ABUOILGAS fzc : produces, procures and trades. a broad range of refined petroleum products throughout Africa, Asia and Middle East.

We focus on technologies that improve our ability to find, develop and produce crude oil and natural gas from conventional and unconventional resources.

Message From The Chairman

The United Arab Emirates has become a true international example for the tremendous strides it has taken in its ongoing development. The growth witnessed is unprecedented in the region, and perhaps all over the world.

While this growth and prosperity was initially based on the country's oil-generated wealth, the UAE today boasts a well diversified economy with an internationally significant industrial and commercial base.

Having a vast experience in the field of petroleum trading, we will try to be one of the key players in the development of the country's oil and gas sector and we promise to fulfill our commitment to the needs of our clients.

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    Our Mission

    Our mission is to be a valuable resource to our customers by providing quality products, competitive pricing and superior service with the utmost integrity.

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    Our Vision

    To move oil almost anywhere around the globe. The key to the firms' growth and success remains the quality and enthusiasm of its employees and who Endeavour in the ever fast moving worlds of oil, to meet and satisfy client requirements with rapidity, professionalism and dedication.

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    Our Works

    We recognize that the world needs all the energy we can develop, in every potential form. That's why our employees work responsibly develop the affordable and reliable energy.

Core Values

we strive to be

DEPENDABLE - we do what we say, you can trust that

CONSISTENT - we are here to build sustainable business with partners.

CURIOUS - we believe that there is always a way to improve even on items that are already working.

RESPECTFUL - we respect all parties, and parties, of our business and acknowledge that,for petroleum supply to work, you need mutual respect to ensure a strong supply chain at all times

PASSIONATE - we are doing what we do because we simply cannot think of anything else that would be as rewarding

AMBITIOUS - we are here to make a difference and have an impact

These values and more are the things you can expect from us, every single day

WE look forward to doing business with you

What We Offer?


We are the leading supplier in Somalia and Somaliland

ABU OIL GAS offers a wide spectrum of petroleum products that meet the diverse needs of clients in the region, India and Africa markets. Across every product line, ABU OIL GAS focuses on ensuring the highest standards of quality and in delivering products as per client specification on-time.

Gasoil: We deliver various grade of Gasoil with Sulphur ranging from 2500 ppm to 10 ppm

Gasoline: We deliver Gasoline with Octane 92, Gasoline octane 95

Naphtha: We offer a range of Light and heavy naphtha

Fuel oil: We deliver various fuel grade as per bunker market requirements and also fuel oil for power generation.

Cutter stocks: We provide cutter stock required for blending

Base Oil: We deliver various grades of base oil

Bitumen: We provide various grades of bitumen in the region as well as to African countries, ETHIOPIA SOMALIA SOMALILAND KENYA TANZANIA

Petrochemical Products: We trade in PVC, Polypropylene, Polystyrene, PET, Urea, Sulphur, Caustic soda, Soda ash, Methanol, MEG, DEG

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